Friday, October 31, 2008

9 Months of Misery

I am a first time mom of a beautiful baby girl Kayleigh Aurora born in January 08. Kayleigh was much smaller when she was born then we were expecting newborn clothes were swimming on her and preemie clothing isn't easy to find. Naturally we turned to Carter's a trusted name in infant and children's clothing. We purchased almost every article of preemie clothing they had being born in January these were all from there fall 07 line.

Shortly after we brought her home from the hospital we noticed some irritation on the back of her neck. We though the tag on one of her jackets might have been scratchy and I cut the tags off of it. The irritation got worse and we called the Dr. and found out that eczema is common in newborns and infants and got some recommended cream for it. The irritation that now looked much more like a full blown rash patch persisted and at our Dr. visit we got a prescription cream for it.

Nothing seemed to work to clear up this rash, I changed her soaps, lotions, detergents and went out of my way to get clothing with out tags. under the assumption that this was an eczema patch and tags would irritate it. Some days it would look better then others, some days it looked really bad but it has never gone away. We found the best results from the hydrocortisone cream and have applied it to her about 3 times a day. Kayleigh has just turned 9 months old and has had this painful sore on her back her entire life.

Like any new parents we want the best for our child and between us and her 2 Grandmas and her Aunts Kayleigh has an extensive wardrobe 90% of which is from Carter's. We love carters they have adorable things. But the fact that they know these tags are causing these reactions and another new mom can go in to a store today and get her newborn or Preemie these same items is irresponsible.

As a new parent you look up reviews and safety ratings on everything from your car seat to stroller. You wouldn't buy your newborn a blanket that might cause a rash like this. Carters would like you to think this is just a few isolated cases of this minor rash that till go away in a day. I hope that this Blog will help show just what is going on. Maybe this would have been just a minor rash if she just had 1 carters onsie that she wore once or twice. But what about the babies like kayleigh that have a ton of carters clothing that have been exposed to this constantly. Having a dry cracking painful burn like sore for 9 months straight is not a Minor irritation.

this spot is hard and cracky and has oozed and even bled, the pictures I have here arnt even on a particularly inflamed day. This sore has been a normal part of life and has been the cause of much crying and sleepless nights, in fact she will no longer sleep on her back and often if she would roll over in the night she would wake up screaming. It has gotten to the point that she will scream any time she thinks you are going to lay her on her back. You can only image how awful this had made having a diaper changed. I am so lucky that she cant reach this spot to scratch it.

Aside from this patch Kayleigh has no allergies that we know of she drinks regular formula with out any issues she loves all fruits and has only had a tiny spot of diaper rash 3 times.

I am so relived to finally know what has been causing this but very sad to hear how carters is handling this. If they want to continue to be a trusted name in Infant clothing they need to act like it and take whats left of these items off the shelves before one more baby has to suffer from this.


The Royal Family said...

this is a good idea. I have a similar story, Just gotta find time to type it up. :(

Sarah Pacheco said...

reading this blog and everything else on this issue has made me realize that this is what my son has been suffering from since october/november 2007. thank you for posting this!!!