Tuesday, November 4, 2008


My name is Rosa. My husband and I have a now 9 month old son who was affected by the Carter's tagless labels. In early July after wearing a Carter's onesie he had developed a "rash" or what we believed to be a rash. The "rash" had become so severe (had become a large purple blotch on his upper back (where the tag would've made contact) and our son's skin started cracking and peeling), lasted so long, and had spread over so much of his back that we had to take him to the ER (after showing no sign of clearing up, but instead getting worse after 3 weeks).

The emergency pediatrician on call had said that he had never seen anything like the "rash" and had said it may have been eczema, but had never seen eczema present in the way our son's "rash" had presented, so he had no idea what to make of it. And didn't feel comfortable treating it, in case he made a wrong diagnosis. So, he referred us to his colleague, another pediatrician, but on base (we're a military family). Our son was seen the next day by his colleague, who also didn't know what to make of the "rash". Again, she had said that it could be a rare form of eczema, but like the original doctor, she had no idea what to make of it since our son didn't have any other indicators for eczema and the shape/form of the "rash" was unlike anything she had ever seen. Since she had no idea what to make of it, she prescribed us Elidel (in case it was severe eczema or dermatitis), antibiotics (in case it was an infection), and Aveeno oatmeal baths (in case it was something else) - they seriously had no idea what it was, so they wanted to cover all bases. Fast forward three months to now and although the severity of the "rash" has calmed, our son still has the one permanent spot on his upper back which still requires treatment w/the ointments and may never heal.

Attatched are some photos of our son's back 3 weeks after the initial "rash" had started. I'm furious now to think that this may have been a chemical burn and not treated as such b/c the docs weren't sure what it was. Anyway, haven't contacted Carter's yet, as I know they will just say to return the clothes for a refund. And all I can think is that a refund won't heal my son or any of the other children who have been affected.

Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. And I am unfortunately glad to hear we're not alone. Thanks for starting your blog. And hoping something can be done about this (I agree about the recall).

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