Thursday, November 6, 2008


Back when my daughter was 6mo. old she got spots on the back of her neck, the spots were small so I thought it was eczema, and thought nothing about it. One morning I found two giant lumps on her back... I wish I had taken pictures, but I was freaked out, last thing on my mind was taking a picture. Anyway they were close to the point of oozing. I asked the dr. and he said that it was nickel in the snaps on the onesie, and it was contact dermatitis. So I was very careful from that point on, to keep snaps away and to cover them up with something if she did wear them,(but noticed that snaps in other spots, down her front and, on her shoulder... etc never made her break out...) Meanwhile still little patches... Then finally I got this rectangle spot on her neck... It was obvious it was the tag less tag on Carters onesies.. So I talked to the dr. and he said that it must be something in the tag, just not to wear them...

HA HA easier said then done, she has a lot of Carters tags. Anyway, we avoided those tags, but noticed the stenciled tags did it, the Gerber’s tag less did it, the Circo tags did it... Then other things did it, like sun block, and certain lotions... yes even the hypoallergenic kinds. It finally got so bad that it was open and bleeding and oozing... it was leaving yellow and brown marks on her onesises as you can see in the 2nd photo. We put a band aide on it to protect it from all the tag less since like 99% of her onesies had those... and we couldn't find reg. tag clothing, so we were trying to cover it and protect it from touching. BUT a stinking band aide also caused the spot to grow, and spread.

I was always told it was something my daughter just happen to be allergic to, so I didn't do much other than avoid those items. I refused for the first while to put that cortisone cream on it, since I know of bad side effects from those creams. Finally when it started oozing and looking like flesh eating bacteria I gave in and put very little on her spot until it cleared up. But to this day, she still has a spot, it is just pink and rough and looks dry, but anything and everything bother it... and looking back I realized it was the tags causing the little spots in the first place, and it was just the prolonged contact that caused the big eruption of goo!

I actually ended up going to the dermatologist for a mole myself and while I was there I asked him... (since her pediatrician seemed clueless to what maybe in that tag causing it,) The dermatologist said it was definatly something in that tag! AND that lotions even the pure all natural, hypoallergenic kind CAN interact with the stuff in the tag and make it WORSE... I asked if maybe they have latex in those tags, because I know that a lot of people are allergic to that, and the dr. said that it wouldn’t be that, because they would have lawsuits on their hands, they should be smarter than that.

Now I am constantly checking the spot to make sure new things don't make it break out, and they usually do.... I have to AVOID putting sun block on her because even the most sensitive sun blocks cause a flare up... I also don't put any kind of lotions on that spot or near it and it has helped cut back on the spots...

I am so exhausted and frustrated about not knowing why everything that touched my daughters neck would cause a break out, I am glad to finally have an answer and know it's not just a random thing. I have heard many many stories and seen horrifying pictures! I am just so glad Adlanna didn't have to be hospitalized like other have been. I do agree I think that Carters along with other companies need to do a recall, and think again because it is still in the stenciled tag less tags, go back to regular tags, I can cut them off IF they were to bother my child any day!

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