Friday, November 21, 2008

Say No To Tagless

My youngest daughter, now 4 and a half months old, developed a questionablerash on her upper, middle back at 3 months old. I thought maybe it was fromher tag, perhaps it was rubbing her skin wrong. I changed her clothes thatnight to a onesie that had its regular tag removed. The next day I presentedmy problem to a parenting forum asking how to remove the tags. Someoneimmediately responded about Carters' "tags" being an issue.

Thankfully I was able to catch it very quickly, within a couple of days ofnoticing the rash. I believe it happened at three months and not soonerbecause her entire three month old wardrobe was Carters tagless items, notjust a few items like we had in her newborn size. The rash started out as anoozing, red, almost eczema type rash. Once the problem was isolated, therash began healing which consisted of sealing up and creating a leather liketexture, followed by peeling. After that stage, the redness of the rash tookseveral weeks to completely heal and finally disappear.

After contacting Carters customer service, they promptly shipped prepaidpostage bags to return all my Carters garments for a full refund which alsoincluded my clothing from my older children, along with a small teddy bear.It took about 3 and a half weeks to receive my refund, which I believe wasfull retail at $660, but I must say they offered great concern and were bothhelpful and compassionate to my situation.

As of now, I will not be purchasing any Carters clothing with stamped tags,but am willing to entertain their clothing again if they return to actualtagged items.

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